The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Before Hiring A Coach Part 1

The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Before Hiring A Coach: Why You May Need A Coach

One of the man questions I hear is, ” Do I Really Need A Coach?”. My response was it depends. However as time progress and examining people, I noticed that anyone who ask that question really do need a coach. The people go at it by themselves screw somethings up and become stuck, go into bankruptcy, and/or have a nervous breakdown.

That is why, I have made a list of mistakes that were made before acquiring a coach. This will be a like a David Letterman countdown but instead of 10, I will have 7.


The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Before Hiring A CoachThe Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Before Hiring A Coach  Mistake #7  –  Having The “Lone Ranger” Mentality

If you think that the best way, or the only way for you to achieve your goals is to do it by yourself then you have Lone Ranger Mentality. Do you believe that reaching out to someone, and a professional someone for that matter, somehow indicates that you aren’t “something” enough? That it somehow means you’re incapable and not smart enough, strong enough or good enough?

Well let me assure you, the people who come to coaching are all of those things, extremely capable, smart, strong and a whole lot more. They choose coaching because they are ready to accelerate their personal or professional lives and work with a professional who will enable them to achieve their goals faster, easier and with better results than they could on their own.

A coach will facilitate your self discovery, the identification of your goals and the prioritization of those goals. Your coach will help you create your action plan as well as prepare for and overcome any challenges you encounter along the way.

Your coach will hold you accountable for taking consistent action toward the realization of your goals. Accountability is one of the greatest payoffs of coaching. It is so powerful because it can make all the difference in terms of you being a Goal Achiever instead of just a Goal Setter and someone who walks the walk instead of just talking the talk.

Think of your coach as your success partner, whose reason for being is to help you get what you want quicker, easier and with better results than you could on your own.

The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Before Hiring A CoachThe Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Before Hiring A Coach Mistake #6 – Settling For Good Instead Of Going For Great


If you’re thinking your life is good and you’re relatively satisfied, congratulations! That did not happen on its own. You have obviously done some fabulous work.

You’ve already proven you’re the kind of person who proactively goes after what you want and you get it. So why would you settle for anything less than great? Why would you settle for living in black and white when you could be living in technicolor? Do you really want to play it safe and stay comfortable? Playing it safe and staying comfortable can take you no further than good.

Most of our clients are people who are already very successful.  Now that they’ve personally experienced the power of coaching they tell us that they realize just how much less they were settling for, for themselves and their lives. They were settling for good when they could have been experiencing great.

These clients also tell us that coaching has dramatically increased the quality of their lives in all areas, from increased sales to enhanced relationships and from better health to increased productivity. They feel, many for the very first time, that they are fully and vibrantly alive.

So we challenge those of you who are settling. We challenge you to stop settling for good. Like Jim Collins said, “Good is the enemy of Great”. We challenge you to go for GREAT and beyond with coaching.

The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Before Hiring A Coach: Stay Tuned For Part 2


I did not want to overwhelm you with a lot of information. I will give you time to digest what we have discussed here. If you are currently part of the team, you know that we already have coaching in place and you can see the benefits. For those who are not, I would recommend finding one or you can join our team. Look forward to seeing you all in Part 2 of this series, “The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Before Hiring A Coach


Click here to access Part 2
Take Care And God Bless

Greg “Da Spokesman” Stargell

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The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Before Hiring A Coach

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6 comments on “The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Before Hiring A Coach Part 1
  1. Liz English says:

    Thanks Greg, great post, I didn’t think twice before I hired my coach, I had been following him for awhile on the internet all of his social networks etc. when my sponsor wouldn’t answer my questions and he opened a coaching program I was one of the first ones on his list, I have never been happier.

  2. Vitaliy says:

    Hey Greg awesome post! I agree that anyone can and should hire a coach when they are ready to accelerate their personal and professional lives! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Christian Carpeso says:

    Great article Greg this will really help me in choosing the right coach. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lynn Brown says:

    These are great tips and advice Greg! I have had many coaches throughout my business life and know the importance of their guidance and expertise. Choosing the right coach is very important. Thanks for sharing your valuable information!

  5. David Thompson says:

    Great post Greg. I agree 100% that the lone ranger mentality will make you fail. We need mentors and coaches to guide us through the process. Settling for a life of mediocrity will weigh heavy on you when you get older. Everytime we push ourselves to new limits we realize we still have lots left to keep on going. Thanks for the share.

  6. Marko 'X Ray Cat' says:

    Thanks Greg for sharing this amazing post.

    I agree, coaching is a must in any field you wish to master.

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