My Experience At The Retro Game Night

My Experience At The Retro Game Night: The June Edition

I was shocked when I saw in my news feed in Facebook an event titled, Retro Game Night. I was so looking forward to the event from the time that I saw it that I had to give it a try.


My Experience At The Retro Game NightMy Experience At The Retro Game Night: Missed The May Event

The May event happened to fall on the same day as the Toastmaster’s District Conference where I was the person who was in charge of the facilities aspect. Unfortunately, it required me to stay longer than I had expected and I missed the Retro Game Night in May. It really ate at me for a bit because I was soooo looking forward to the event. I tried to rationalize and reason with myself that I would not have fun if I had gone to the event.

No matter how much I tried to tell myself about how I would not have fun, the more my body and psyche knew that I was lying. So I learned to deal with it.

My Experience At The Retro Game Night: Another Opportunity Came Into Existence

I looked on Facebook again and one day the event popped up again and it was like I heard the angels sing. Well you might not think it is that serious, but I am a Gamer (been one since I was 5 years old). I made sure that I was going to make this one and I had blocked any events so that I can make it. Even though I got there at midnight, I got a chance to go and experience the atmosphere.

Here is a video from the event that I took while I was there around 1 AM:


My Experience At The Retro Game Night: Better Experience Than I Thought

The experience was better than expected because I not only got a chance to play all the retro games at the same time and then share it with other gamers.

The key thing that stood out to me was an addition to my vision of having a game room. I had an opportunity to see how it was logistically possible. There was even an Arcade cabinet in the place. The video helps me to have a visual and an plan to develop something similar for my house because I was able to determine the measurements needed for such a room.


My Experience At The Retro Game NightMy Experience At The Retro Game Night: Summary

I have told the story to help you all see that there are gold and gems in every opportunity. Even though I missed the first one, there was another event that came into existence. Similar to other successful people they may have missed the first opportunity but from their account they talk about how they sorta willed another into existence. I am not saying that I did that but there are times when events and circumstances seem to fall in your favor and it is best to take them.

You would never know what things you would acquire just by taking a chance. May you all have a great day and if you are in Huntsville and they have another Retro Night be sure to check it out and i may see you there.





Take Care And God Bless

Greg “Da Spokesman” Stargell

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