How to Effectively Manage Your Time Part 3

How to Effectively Manage Your Time: Yay, It Is Officially a Trilogy

Welcome back we are going to continue where we left off in part 2 of this series. If you have not read it, then I recommend that you click here to read part 2 of How to Effectively Manage Your Time.

Also you would have an opportunity to check out part 1 from the link as well. So go now before proceeding forward.

How to Effectively Manage Your TimeHow to Effectively Manage Your Time: Let’s Start The Third Installment


How to Effectively Manage Your Time : Starting Each New Day

In reality, this can mean taking action at the end of the previous day, your last task of the day being to plan your specific activities, perhaps as a simple actions or to-do list, with times, perhaps as a list of priorities, that you intend to complete on the following day.

Then, on starting work the next day you will have an action plan waiting for you. As the day proceeds, you should review your progress at intervals, and make adjustments where necessary.

Then, at the end of the day, draw up the action plan, the list, for the next day.

How to Effectively Manage Your Time: Building In Break Times

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to work continuously, all day without stopping, working through all your breaks, and worse, not taking a lunch break.

Overwhelming evidence shows that we need to have breaks, and that without them our performance deteriorates dramatically the longer we go without.

You should take at least one short break mid morning, a minimum of 30 minutes at lunchtime, and a short break in the afternoon.

Your organization should encourage you to take these breaks, as it is required by health and safety at work legislation.

How to Effectively Manage Your TimeHow to Effectively Manage Your Time : Starting Each New Week

Try to adopt the same approach as with daily planning. At the end of the last day of your working week, draw up an action plan for the next week, or at least for the first day in detail and the rest of the week in outline.


How to Effectively Manage Your Time: Starting Each New Month

again, adopt the same approach as with weekly planning. During the last week of the calendar of budgetary month, prepare your action plan for the following month.

How to Effectively Manage Your Time : Strategic Planning

In parallel with the daily, weekly, and monthly planning, you should also have background plan that focuses on medium term and long term objectives.

These can be workplace performance targets, such as end of year financial results, but should also include softer, but equally important targets, such as the development of individuals and teams (not forgetting your own, personal, development objectives).

They can also include targets such as the improvement of working conditions, or relationships, for example between departments or with suppliers.

These longer term plans should be referred to and progress reviewed, on at least a monthly basis.

How to Effectively Manage Your TimeHow to Effectively Manage Your Time : Final Thoughts

In summary: without a structured approach to managing your time it is inevitable that you will run into difficulties, miss important deadlines, not give enough attention to your career and personal development, not deal fully with the needs of your team members, allow others to dictate how you spend your time at work.

The result is that work will become a burden, and your performance will deteriorate. In addition, others will notice and your performance will be judged negatively.

By following the simple, practical, steps outlined here, you will take control of the time you spend at work, and take control of the activities that you carry out.

Once you have consistently applied these techniques for a month or two, they will become habit, absorbed seamlessly into your daily work life.

You will find that you have less conflict, fewer problems, and you will meet most of your deadlines and targets.  You will be managing your time effectively.





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How to Effectively Manage Your Time

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    Thanks Greg, Awesome Post, I agree if you don’t have a time management plan in place you definitely run into difficulties.

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