How to Effectively Manage Your Time Part 1

How to Effectively Manage Your Time: Practical Ways You Can Get Started

Here are practical, easy to apply techniques that will help. Once the initial, analytical stage is completed, the techniques outlined here are simple ones that can be applied on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, as a matter of routine.


How to Effectively Manage Your TimeHow to Effectively Manage Your Time: Key Techniques Just For You

How to Effectively Manage Your Time: Preparation Week

the first step is the most time consuming one: analyzing your current situation.

To establish in what condition your management of time is at this moment, you will need to complete at least a week, perhaps two, of preparation.

You will also need to make note of any activities that fall on  a monthly basis, such as team meetings, or budget performance reviews.


How to Effectively Manage Your Time: Recording Your Activity


for one week at least, on a daily basis, you will need to keep a detailed record, diary, or log, of what activities you are involved in, and how long you spend on each of these. Be as detailed as you can, so that you can analyze your activities in depth.

The experts in the time management field recommend that you split your day into at least 15 minute periods, and for very busy periods even smaller time periods of 5 or 10 minutes.

For example, for that first 30 minutes after starting work in the morning, don’t just write down 8.30 to 9.00 Started work, opened emails, talked to colleagues, you need to break this down into at least three x 10 minute periods.

If you have chosen an unusual week, for example when you are absent from the usual routine, on a training course, complete the log for the missing days, the following week.

Be disciplined about this. Use a notebook, or diary, or prepare a paper or pc based time-sheet for each day.

Take this with you everywhere, or at the very least, complete it every time that you return to your personal work area.

If it will help you, get the support of your colleagues, and ask them to remind you that you should be recording your activities diligently.


How to Effectively Manage Your TimeHow to Effectively Manage Your Time: Analyzing Your Activity


At the end of this period, you will need to carefully analyze these records.

The primary aim is to identify negative activities and events. These will include activities that you shouldn’t be involved in, or could delegate, activities that you are spending too long on, activities that are unproductive, and events which are disruptive or unproductive.

Some of the activities that you identify here will be unique to your situation, but some will be common to most professionals, such as being inappropriately interrupted by colleagues, by telephone calls aimed at others, by attending meetings which are not relevant to you, by surfing on the internet, by focusing on low-priority tasks instead of more important, but more difficult, ones.

However, it is also important to identify the positive activities and events, so that you can consider how appropriate is the time that you are currently allocating to these. Examples could be how much time you are spending in supporting, or coaching, your team members, or how much time you are giving to the building and maintaining of relationships with others, or how much time you are spending on addressing quality management issues.

With a clear picture of how you are spending your time, you can then move on to the next step.


How to Effectively Manage Your Time: Be Sure To Check Out Part 2


This concludes this segment of How to Effectively Manage Your Time. So stay tuned for the next installment in the series. Till then take care and be sure to take the opportunity to Unleash Your Inner Awesomeness.

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How to Effectively Manage Your Time

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