How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals Part 4

How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals: Lets Dive Into Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of the series, “How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals“.

We have covered a good amount of material so far and if you have not read part 3, then I would recommend that you click here to go to Part 3 of How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals.

Do worry we will be here when you finish. I assure you it would be beneficial to have the information.

With that out of the way let us talk about Choosing A Path and Faith.


How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals: Which Path To Choose


Go forward or give up? There are no wrong choices. At this point of transition, do not force yourself. Do not inflict judgement upon yourself. Realize that you have invited yourself to question an essential belief you hold to be true about yourself. Maybe the time is right to sit with this, maybe the time is not yet right.


How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals: The Litmus Test

If it is your destiny to allow yourself to have what your goal represents, you will create the opportunity once again. Relax. Recognize how terrifying this moment is and find compassion for yourself. What path should you choose? Carlos Castaneda wrote in, “The Teaching of Don Juan”, “Does the path have heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t, it is of no use.

Both paths lead nowhere; but one has heart and the other doesn’t. One makes you strong; the other weakens you.”

Perhaps the real transition at this choice point is the courage to open your heart to yourself as you witness yourself experiencing what you fear most.

How To Conquer Your Most Difficult GoalHow To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals: Appeal To Your Greater Faith


As I continue on my journey, I have learned that achieving greater faith is an ongoing journey. and not just a one step process. Each of us have many limiting belief systems within that must be faced, accepted, and released. Faith in anything, including myself, is an infinite and ever expanding experience.

There is a passage in Betty Eadie’s book, “Awakening the Heart” where she describes faith as an ongoing process. First we have knowledge. Then belief. We practice belief over and over again, and eventually faith begins to develop. Whether you are talking about faith in a god, or faith in yourself, it is not something you wake up with one day.

At least that is not my experience. It takes going back to the dark places to re-establish faith. Learning to be kind to our spirit that may be scared, stubborn, and even defiant.

Although it is painful and we may desperately want to run from what we feel, only by sitting with our spirit that is hiding in the darkness and bringing it love that we can re-establish faith.

I have often wished at times it weren’t so. It is excruciatingly painful to uncover what hurts within us. But we eventually discover truth: it is only our own misconception, our own belief, our own judgement and punishment, that we are not worthy. The reward is deciding, to our amazement, that it really is okay to open our own heart to all aspects of our self.


How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goal: Final Thoughts


We have covered a lot of material over the different parts. I want to thank everyone especially those who have read, commented, and/or shared all four posts. Be Sure to look out for other series as they are presented.

Till then have a great day and put what you learned into action.




Take Care And God Bless

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How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals

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