How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals Part 3

How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals: Lets Dive Into Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of the series, “How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals“.

We have covered a good amount of material so far and if you have not read part 2, then I would recommend that you click here to go to Part 2 of How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals.

Do worry we will be here when you finish. I assure you it would be beneficial to have the information.

With that out of the way let us talk about Dealing With The Right Now.


How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals: Dealing With The Right Now


To move through this doubt and despair, sit with what you feel. Speak the words of frustration and anger. Write them down. Often times what we most need is someone else to allow us to fully be in a place of utter hopeless.

For them to say, “I see you there, and it’s okay.” And to know they won’t attempt to fix it or make it better.


How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals: Give Yourself Some Compassion


We need to offer ourselves the same compassion. To look at ourselves in our moments of despair and say, “It’s okay that I feel this. It’s okay that I am experiencing this.”

To offer ourselves the love and compassion of not trying to fix ourselves. If confusion is what you feel, fully feel confusion, with love for yourself as you feel it. Open your body and let confusion and expand within you. Experiment (with a therapist if this is too difficult) with not being afraid of your own emotions.

Avoid the temptation to retreat into old patterns of starving, overeating, bingeing, or numbing out with other addictions. The fact that you are feeling such confusion is not a sign of failure. This is a sign of growth and courage.


How To Conquer Your Most Difficult GoalHow To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals: See The Good In The Storm

Even though the feelings are difficult, recognize the value of being exactly where you are. Attempt to be with your feeling without judgement. Feel what you feel with acceptance. Accept that you are experiencing despair, hopelessness or frustration. No need to judge it. No need to defend it. No need to analyze it and figure out where this came from. It is acceptable to feel misery.

It is acceptable to want to give up. We’ve all felt that at times. Your task at this critical point is to find a way to open your heart and receive to your own despair.

Cry the tears, shout the anger, give witness to the unfairness of it all. Then decide. Even though you are at a dead end, what can you do right now? It might seem so much easier to go back to food, bingeing, alcohol, starving, exercise, or diversions for comfort. But is that what you really want?

Refocus your thoughts away from the future and bring yourself back to right now. Bring words of power and encouragement. ”

I possess the gifts of inner belief, patience, conviction and discipline. I can choose my goals and I have the strength and stamina to reach for them.

I am a working and viable part of the world and I have an important job to do. I am not afraid to believe in my inner strength or my power.”

How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goal: Be Sure To Check Out Part 4


We have covered some material to help you to understand, How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goal. In the next article which is part 4 of the series, How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goal. We will go more items and concepts to help you on your journey.

Till then have a great day and put what you learned into action.




Take Care And God Bless

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How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals

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