How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals Part 2

How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals: Lets Dive Into Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the series, “How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals“.

We have covered a good amount of material so far and if you have not read part 1, then I would recommend that you click here to go to Part 1 of How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals.

Do worry we will be here when you finish. I assure you it would be beneficial to have the information.

With that out of the way let us talk about Dark Pits.


How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals: Dark Pits


With great change comes the risk of facing the darkness of what we believe about ourselves. Sometimes it’s fairly easy to face the darkness and bring light. But sometimes we fall directly into the pit. If you fall in, take a breath and know this experience has great value. You are only here because you are ready to explore and encounter a horrible idea that you have about yourself.

An idea that you can’t have what you want, that your best isn’t good enough, or that no matter what you do things remain hopeless. Inside the dark hole are ideas you made up about yourself when you were a child as an attempt to explain the experience of growing up.


How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals: Learn To Deal With The Dark Side

Your spirit is hiding in the darkness, waiting for your return. So if you are in the dark pit of despair you are in a place of  a bleat fortune. You have reached the place in which you have hidden your spirit. Only you can choose to bring you spirit back into the light.

As you face the darkness, will you decide to heal your spirit by offering it encouragement? Will you reassure your spirit and bring new information?


How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals: You Chose The Dark Side?

Let’s say you decide to be with your darkness? Now what? You must sit with it. Sit with the pain of what this darkness represents. Yes, it feels overwhelming. Confusing. Hopeless. In the darkness there are only dark thoughts. Do not fight the darkness with more darkness (anger, frustration, threats, hopelessness . . ).

It would only create a larger darkness. ACCEPTANCE alone is the key. The darkness and despair fights with all it’s might to keep us believing that we are weak and defective. Not because it is evil, but because we put these beliefs into place to keep our spirits safely hidden in the dark.

As an adult, you now hold the key to accept the darkness, to accept all the dark thoughts, and offer it love and light. Listen to your spirit. Let it speak its words of fear.

Then offer your spirit comfort and acceptance. After all, your spirit went through some pretty tough times that it deciding hiding was the only safe option.

You have traveled quite a distance, only to come to a dead end. Accept that you do not have what you want. Accept this. Not with anger, not with frustration. Simply breath and accept. It doesn’t matter why you are at this point. It is as it is. Now go more deeply into it.


How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals: Venturing To The Transition Point

This point of transition can provide opportunity to strengthen your spirit and not let outside circumstances throw you off balance. This is a pivotal occasion to choose empowering thoughts, practice gentleness and reassurance, and reinforce your belief that you can have what you want.

Accept the experience as best you can. It will lead to insight.

Acceptance of what is, even though it might feel terrifying, is the way out. Acceptance is not apathy. Use acceptance to allow you to go deeper.

A journal, a therapist, or a trusted friend may help as you sit with these questions:

1. What am I experiencing right now?

2. What are my thoughts concerning this experience?

3. What am I feeling?

4. What do I believe about myself, my place in the world, as I encounter this dead end?

5. Is this similar to how I felt in certain situations as a child?

5. What does my spirit need to feel safe and trusting?

6. If I was wise and loving, how would I comfort myself?

How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goal: Be Sure To Check Out Part 3


We have covered some material to help you to understand, How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goal. In the next article which is part 3 of the series, How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goal. We will go more items and concepts to help you on your journey.

Till then have a great day and put what you learned into action.




Take Care And God Bless

Greg “Da Spokesman” Stargell

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How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals

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