How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goal Part 1

How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goal: What Would You Like To Change?

Everyone has something in their life that they would like to change. Some really big goals include overcoming addiction, achieving and sustaining weight loss, attaining inner peace, manifesting health, or becoming more successful. We are born to continuously expand our abilities.

The beginning of most goals are exciting. Visions of triumph flourish in the minds of those starting a path of change. Each new day brings energy to chase down the most elusive of goals.

But what if you’ve been working on manifesting the same dream for years? And one day, despite your optimism, despite the effort of applying the tools of empowerment, you realize that you have not acquired the goal which you set for yourself.


How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goal: What About Obstacles?

Encountering a obstacle, even a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, doesn’t mean you are on the wrong path. We all experience despair and doubt. Times where we question the worth of what we do.

Moments of temptation to give up. I have them, as does each person I work with. I would wager that everyone striving to become more than they were before, reaches a critical time of choice.

Feeling sorry for yourself is not a wrong action. What we often fail to see is the value in this pit of despair. This experience of despair is precisely what is necessary for the breakthrough to occur.

How To Conquer Your Most Difficult GoalHow To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goal: Understanding Belief Systems And Internal Tapes

The dark experiences of despair are not logical, nor solved intellectually. These moments of darkness mean we have brought ourselves back to the core of what we believe about ourselves.

Deep painful beliefs that we would rather keep hidden from ourselves and from others. The pain of not yet achieving our goals forces us to look at what we believe to be true about ourselves.

Limiting beliefs are varied, but can include the following:

“Something is wrong with me.”

“I never get what I want.”

“I cant’ get what I want, no matter what I do. It’s hopeless.”

“Who I am is not enough.”

“I don’t belong.”


How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goal: You Are In Control

When we are undergoing change, the realization we must make is that is it not what faces us that is the problem, but how we are reacting to it.

How we react to the situation is based on our inner beliefs about ourselves. The despair is felt because you have increased inner conflict.

Conflict of what you want to believe versus what you actually believe. This conflict must either be suppressed (by giving up the goal) or the conflict must be resolved (goal is attained or a new belief system becomes integrated.).


How To Conquer Your Most Difficult GoalHow To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goal: The Breaking Point

It is at this very pressure point, giving up or moving forward, that allows the choice to step into a new belief about yourself or to reinforce an old belief. Just because things seem insurmountable right now, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be following this path.

It only means you are face to face with what you believe. And an inner belief system being threatened can result in a variety of symptoms, the most common being negative thoughts, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, low energy, panic or anxiety, or worrying about small details.


How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goal: Be Sure To Check Out Part 2

We have covered some material to help you to understand, How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goal. In the next article which is part 2 of the series, How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goal. We will go more items and concepts to help you on your journey.

Till then have a great day and put what you learned into action.


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Take Care And God Bless

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How To Conquer Your Most Difficult Goals

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  1. Karishma says:

    That was a great post about achieving goals and overcoming obstacles. Thanks for sharing.

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    Hey Greg, thanks for create and sharing this helpful post and love them. Thank you!!

  3. Adeposi Okupe says:

    I like what you said there. The first thing to establish is that you are in control and you have to power to change your circumstance and create your future.

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