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The Character Breakdown By Edition


Minor League


Da Spokesman

He is also known as the leader of the Awesomeness League. He has acquired his powers from high school when he received an amulet from his professor after winning a championship game. The story revolves around him and his journey as he understands the powers that he is entrusted with. His powers are found in his four forms: Hawk, Falcon, Brave, and his ultimate form, Force Mode.

Boss Hawg colorBoss Hawg

He is a rival to Da Spokesman. Through majority of the storyline he will be a villain but there will be times where Boss Hawg would have to join forces with Da Spokesman.

Temptress colorTemptress

She is another rival to Da Spokesman but in the area of intellect. She has the ability of seduction and deception. Through her knowledge of illusion and chemistry, she is a very dangerous villain that can seduce and deceive her victim into her traps or have the person to carry out her bidding.

Toni Da Bookie ColorToni Da Bookie

He serves as the gambling ring owner of the hometown in which the characters are located. Toni seeks out different ways to destroy Da Spokesman because he continuously refuses to throw games as Toni demanded.






Major League


One of the Four Part Harmony that helps Da Spokesman develops his powers. LT helps Da Spokesman hone his skills under his Braves Form. LT’s weapons are his swords which he calls Gilgamesh and Enkidu after one of the first dynamic duo.

Triple V colorTriple V

One of the Four Part Harmony that helps Da Spokesman develops his powers. Triple V helps Da Spokesman hone his skills under his Hawks Form. She had spent a good amount of time learning the art of meditation in order to tap into different parts of her mind.

EnochcoloredEnoch Mourning

One of the Four Part Harmony that helps Da Spokesman develops his powers. Enoch helps Da Spokesman hone his skills under his Falcons Form. Through his training in the different martial arts, Enoch learned the art of ground and redirecting kinetic energy.

Sasha color2Sasha

One of the Four Part Harmony that helps Da Spokesman develops his powers. Sasha helps Da Spokesman hone his skills under his Ultimate Form also known as Force Mode. Through her journey in understanding and learning the art of balance she stumbled upon the art of Kundalini which she used to achieve it.

Peppa Rica colorPeppa Rica

She is a high school wrestling champion that have met Da Spokesman during the orientation of the school that they attended. Her father was approached by the Tate on the eve of her championship match in college giving him the ultimatum that if his daughter does not lose, he was going to lose his life. Peppa’s father could not imagine telling his daughter to throw a match so he refuses to do it. Consequently, it leads to his death and Peppa set out to get revenge on the Tate for what he has done. She joins the Awesomeness League in order to protect others from a similar fate as her.

Kip Highlander - colorKip Highlander

He is the owner of Highlander Corporation and villain in the series. Highlander Corporation is one of the major developer of the machines and electronics of the country. Kip’s company also makes his profit from the underground gambling syndication ring. Kip despise  Da Spokesman because he not only because he was the one the person that was taking away from profits from his gambling ring but also has stand in his way of the forceful acquisition of companies of people who have connection to Da Spokesman.

The Tate colorThe Tate

Little is known about The Tate that isn’t mired in the teachings of his cult of fanatical followers, who began their spree of heinous and ritualistic murders

He is a man of great influence and has a great following of people who are called the Spec-Tate-Tors which would do all of his bidding and live out their lives in The Tate-ists’ Temple

Macia The MenancecoloredMacia The Menace

He is the chief operator of the Underground Syndicate. After multiple failed attempts by his henchman, Toni Da Bookie, Macia decided to take matters into his own hands to protect the system he has in place. Even though he is acknowledged in the Minor League, Macia does not come into the picture until the Major League.




International League


He is a man that moves in mystery. He has the wisdom of a sage and moves of a ninja. Bryboy’s mission is to help emancipate the oppressed. He joins the Awesomeness League for short spurts of time and then go along in his journey.

Sapphire colorSapphire

She is a woman who loves to have fun. Sapphire has experience as an armed officer of the military but because of her looks many bad guys have underestimated her ability. She also is a fun loving and can be silly at times. She joins the Awesomeness League she wanted to aid in combating and taking down Mux Success.

Miranda colorMiranda

She is a woman that has a meek personality. She is viewed as a valuable asset to the Awesomeness League. She has the ability of healing. With the desire of playing a role in changing the world, she saw the Awesomeness League as an opportunity to seeing the possibility of that desire to be realized. Miranda noticed her ability to heal after her friend’s father was near death and she was able to tap into that power to help him recover.

Teatime colorTea Time

Tea is a sassy techie. She also happens to be a sharpshooter as well. Her father taught her the art of the gun slinger in order to protect herself. Money Mark and his goons had attacked her father and had left him for dead. She used her knowledge of technology in order to preserve his life and her Miranda healed him.  Tea Time joined the group because of her desire to see Money Mark be taken down.

Mux Success colorMux Success

After Da Spokesman took down one of Kip’s Corp locations due to the enslavement of the people in the area, Mux Success was unable to get the funding that he wanted for the portable electricity generator that he had stole from DE military base. One stormy night he had the device in his hand and was struck by lightning. From that day forward, he has been able to generate electricity within his body. Mux Success looks to take down Da Spokesman and group in order to soothe his anger for an opportunity lost.

Dizzy ColorDizzy

This vixen was summoned by Kip by the recommendation of The Tate in order to be an extra force to take on the Awesomeness League. Dizzy is a very agile woman that has moves similar to a ninja. She travels the world with her pet companion, Cosmo.

Spanish Fly colorSpanish Fly

The right hand man….er woman to Money Mark. Even though she may seem like a sidekick to Money Mark, she is still a force to reckon with. For those who underestimate her, destruction and devastation awaits them.

Money Mark colorMoney Mark

He is the Leader of Ballers World Wide. It is an International ring that transcends all areas. Once the works of Da Spokesman and the Awesomeness League have reached Mark’s radar, he pulls out all the stops to try to destroy every last one of them.





Galactic League


To Be Determined :)