The Cast

greg2 Greg “Da Spokesman” Stargell (Da Spokesman)

Greg is the founder of the Awesomeness League. He initially looked at Da Spokesman as a way to combat against other super heroes in random battles. The vision eventually grew to carry a message, “Unleash Your Inner Awesomeness”.

Greg was born in Atlanta, GA and is the oldest of four kids. Growing up in a single parent household, Greg learned the importance of leadership, time and money management. Despite the odds that statistics placed on him, he was able to conquer the odds to reach the goal. He enjoys video games, music, dancing, and even doing some comedy as well.

Greg encourages all who travel along the storyline with Da Spokesman and The Awesomeness League that you would look within yourself and see areas where you can build yourself to “Unleash Your Inner Awesomeness”.




Boss Hawg Robert Smith (Boss Hawg)

Bio will be provided






Temptress3 Mileka Scurlock (Temptress)

Mileka is a health and fitness pro. She has been to over 5 countries working with athletes and fitness enthusiasts. In her spare time she loves to salsa dance!

Her love for Latin music and dance began 10 years ago in Puerto Rico.  After visiting cities like San Juan, Mileka came back with the Salsa bug.








fedoraMichael Van Cleve (Enoch Mourning)

Michael Van Cleve lives alone and always looking for wonder and adventure. He is currently working as a JAG Officer for the United States Army.

He is also a careful student of Kung Fu. Thoroughly enjoys the occasional game of chess and a good story.






LT2Lawrence Tam (LT)

Lawrence is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Lawrence love movies, video games, and enjoying family life.

He says, “It’s a struggle but you gotta make sure what is the most important piece of your life”.






VickyVirginia Vega (Triple V)


Bio will be Provided







Sasha2Quinta Nicole (Sasha)

Quinta Nicole is a Total Life Success Coach, Online Business Trainer, God Lover, Dance Addict, Happy Wife & Mom.

She loves empowering others through her coaching and trainings on life, business, and spirituality. Quinta draws her energy from her faith and family. She says, “Being a wife and a mom is very empowering, but it can also be very draining. Sometimes it’s hard to feel strong and sexy when you are tired from playing with the kids, nursing, and cleaning up baby poop all day…. LOL.
Hey what better way to channel your inner awesomeness than to have your own comic book character right? It’s totally fun and I’m honored to be a member of the Awesomeness League!!!”



Peppa Rica2Natalie Marie (Peppa Rica)

Bio will be Provided






Kip HighlanderJonathan Craig (Kip Highlander)

Jonathan Is a Huntsville, Al based comedian. He loves to make people laugh.

Be on the look out for Jonathan as he might be performing in a city near you soon.






The Tate2Matthew Tate (The Tate)

Matthew Tate is a Huntsville, AL-based standup comic.

He is the host of T.G.I.M. Comedy and the producer of Alright Bayou Comedy





Macia the Menace2Christopher Macia (Macia The Menace)

Born in Burlington Vermont and is a one of four kids (twin sibling). Moved during the early years up and down the East coast of the US, as his father was in the Navy until Chris was of school age, and then settled down in Westmont, NJ.

Due to his parent’s divorce, he moved back to Westford, Vermont to be close to family. In junior year of high school, Chris became independent from family and learned the meaning of budgeting and the value of money.

He went to Bryant College (now University) and received a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting. Where he met his wife of now 20 years and has two beautiful daughters. Both girls are active in sports that Chris and his wife actively volunteer their time coaching (soccer, softball, basketball, and lacrosse).



BryanBryan “Bryboy” Spector (Bryboy)

Bryan has an awesome story. In 2012, Bryan contracted 6 intestinal ailments, and didn’t think he was ever going to escape it. Then by the grace of God, Bryan was cured and given a second chance.

So he became an entrepreneur and decided to completely free myself of all bondage so that I can help others do the same.





SapphireGlenda Brown (Sapphire)

Glenda is originally from Ft. Lewis, WA and grew up in Salina, KS, Grandview, MO, and Des Moines, IA.

In 2002 she joined the military and relocated back to Des Moines, IA in 2011.

She enjoys sports, coaching little league basketball, helping others, solving problems, cooking, working out, reading, traveling, and spending time with her two boys.




TeaTimeTerri Davis (Tea Time)

Terri (Teatime) Davis is originally from Michigan and grew up in Montgomery, AL. She began to travel the world in 2010 first landing in South Korea to teach young children.

She has traveled to many countries trying new cuisines, volunteering at orphanages and enjoying beautiful sites. She now resides in Saudi Arabia and teaches at an international school.

Her hobbies include cooking, traveling and fitness. More than anything she enjoys learning! Learning helps to spread a little awesomeness here and there!



MirandaTymesha Watkins (Miranda)

Tymesha is originally from Denver, CO.  She relocated her family to Huntsville, AL in 2010 for work.  Software Development and Database Administration is her profession of choice.

She tends to enjoy motivational speaking and competitive golf as some of her hobbies. However, the activity that she finds most rewarding is spending time with her children.







Mux SuccessWuhidul Murad (Mux Success)

Hi, this is Mr. Murad from Bangladesh. In this project, Mux Success represents my character. Hope you the people will find enjoyment in every part of this project.

At last, I want to thank Dr. Greg for the opportunity to be a part of this project.






 Dizzy3Sheri Wardlow (Dizzy)

Sheri Wardlow was born and raised in Burlington, Iowa. She is actually the baby “BABY” of her family with 20+ years separating her from her sister and brother. Sheri’s loving father died of cancer when she was ten, so it definitely felt like a single parent home for her growing up with an angel watching over.

She has graduated with an Associate of Arts Degree. Sheri will continue her education when she decides what field to study. Currently she is helping her Mom out with their six dogs (Missy Miss, Lover Boy, Daisy May, Lady Luck, Lightning Bolt, and Flower) and one cat named Sparky. Long story short: Flower and Sparky were rescues this year, and apparently, it took five Beagles to replace one Beagle named Abby who died of cancer as well.

They have had the Hellions for four years now all spayed and neutered of course, and this is why her character Dizzy has Cosmo.

She is an adrenaline junkie!!!Sheri loves to zip line, white water rapids, roller coasters, and horseback. On her bucket list still would be to sky dive, bungee jump, hot air balloon ride, and parasailing over the ocean just to name a few.

Sheri loooovvvees food, reading old and new books, hanging out with her friends, and just being lazy while watching all of her favorite television shows.




Spanish Fly2Francois Cruz (Spanish Fly)


Bio will be provided








WilbertWilbert Abbott (Money Mark)

He was born on December 19, 1980, to the parents of Wilbert Abbott, Sr. and Patricia Abbott. Wilbert hails from Decatur, GA. With four other siblings, Wilbert is the second youngest. Wilbert graduated from Alabama A&M University in 2003, and obtained a dual Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture and Community and Regional Planning, from Iowa State University in 2009.

While at Iowa State, Wilbert met and became great friends with Greg Da Spokesman Stargell. Upon his graduation, Wilbert lived in Des Moines, IA for almost a year. Wilbert currently lives and works in Miami, FL, where he has obtained the opportunity to travel to some exotic destinations and enjoy the vibrant culture he now calls home. Wilbert is an ambitious and driven person, whom loves to help those less fortunate.

Wilbert’s future goal is to someday create a program to help the less fortunate become home owners; it will be a continuation of his master’s thesis. Until then, Wilbert is going to live in the moment and enjoy life!!!!!”




PauloPaulo Hernandez (Comic Book Designer and Illustrator)

Paulo was born in El Paso, TX. The youngest of five he found himself growing up with welfare holidays and hand me downs  from his older brothers, and on the rare occasion his sister.

Finding himself with a lack of other entertainment, Paul soon took to creating his own characters by drawing them. Paul currently lives in Austin, TX and is still pursuing his dream of inspiring the world to laugh, cry and appreciate life with his artistic talents.

Paulo is the artist that has illustrated the characters that are in the story as well as the comic book.



MohammedMohammed “Gran Kaizer” Al-Banani (Video Game Designer)

Mohammed is an entrepreneur and a biotechnologist from Yemen. He is a video game developer as well.
He developed and programmed Da Spokesman and The Awesomeness League games (Minor Edition and Major Edition)