The Awesomeness Team Takes On Crowdfunding

The Awesomeness Team Takes On Crowdfunding

The Awesomeness Team Takes On Crowdfunding:Let’s Get Started

In an effort to expand our reach into the mobile gaming and animation department, the awesomeness team has stepped into the crowdfunding arena. The funny thing is that it is not our first time attempting the market. This post will address our journey, the lessons learned, comparison of platforms.


The Awesomeness Team Takes On Crowdfunding: Our Journey

So far we have done four attempts at crowdfunding where the first one was Gofundme.

The Awesomeness Team Takes On Crowdfunding

The Awesomeness Team Takes On Crowdfunding: Gofundme Project

I almost forgot that this one was still active as of three months ago. I had received an email in December about it is going to go inactive. It was up for a year and I decided to not to renew the campaign.

The project was to get started on the journey with the Comic Book.

Gofundme is a good platform in that it allows you the opportunity to raise funds and keep the amount minus processing fees from Gofundme and Paypal.

It is also a structure that do not require you to put up perks or rewards for different amounts which can be hard for some projects which I think this platform is mainly used for fundraising for a cause.

It has not been proven to be a good platform if you are running a for profit business and the pages take a lot to get indexed on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Overall we did not reach our goal but through outside investor we raised the money for the project.

The Awesomeness Team Takes On CrowdfundingThe Awesomeness Team Takes On Crowdfunding: Kickstarter Project

After we had completed the comic book and an initial concept of the game, we decided to do another project. This time we took the recommendation of others for Kickstarter.

This project scope was for the development of the second game called Major League.

Kickstarter has a pretty good community and they are willing to help you if you help them which has not been the case from experience with GoFundme and the next platform that I will speak of in the next section.

The interesting thing about Kickstarter is that you have between 30-60 days and you only receive the funds if you reach your financial goals.  This will incur you a fee from Kickstarter and paypal on the total amount raised.

The Awesomeness Team Takes On CrowdfundingThe Awesomeness Team Takes On Crowdfunding: Indiegogo Project

Currently we are running two projects where the one that is about to close is Indiegogo. The community as I had explained before is not as helpful as Kickstarter from my personal experience.

The project scope is to develop the third video game, build the games into mobile games, and also animation if we raise a certain amount over the goal.

It has a good platform in which you can have the project be partial or All or Nothing. The way they offset or deter people away from partial is that there are higher fees that you have to pay in regards to All or Nothing unless you are a Nonprofit.

The Awesomeness Team Takes On Crowdfunding: Lessons Learned

I have learned a lot from the process and we have been featured on different media sources from newspapers, radio shows, guest blogs, etc. I noticed there are some key things that are needed to succeed in Crowdfunding and those are the RIGHT traffic, most people contribute in the $10-$50 range, and can require a lot of publicity to reach the traffic.

However we have found a community that helps each other reach financial/funding goals for different projects. If you would like to know more you can click here.

If you had projects that failed or you having a hard time reaching your goals, then definitely click here to find out more about the community.

Finally remember to take each day as an opportunity to Unleash Your Inner Awesomeness


Unleash Your Inner Awesomeness,

Greg “Da Spokesman” Stargell

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The Awesomeness Team Takes On Crowdfunding

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