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The International League of Awesomeness is an entity that helps people to acknowledge their full potential and live the life that is tailor made for them. This is what we call helping people “Unleash Their Inner Awesomeness”.
We have three sub-teams that help people utilize their talents and strengths to realize it.

The sub teams are:

Wealthy Techies

Health & Wellness Allstars

Awesomeness League

Check out the contact us page to find out more on how to join us and helping people like you Unleash Their Inner Awesomeness.


We at the International League Of Awesomeness are a group that looks to develop people in order for them to Unleash Their Inner Awesomeness and empower them to show others how to do the same thing.

The things we look for in when people join us are:

  • Willing to do or work towards do 10-16 hours a week of personal development. (Listening to audio of successful or motivational speakers, CDs, videos, books, meditating, exercising, etc.)
  • Have a heart to help others and have empathy. This means coaching to help one grow to the next level and in some cases mentoring. This does not mean babysitting or doing everything for them.
  • Have a heart to be the change agent in the world or in their sphere of influence where one would be willing to give resources (time, money, etc.) to a cause they believe in.
  • Have a positive outlook on life and have an open mind.
  • Willing to take risk and do not be afraid of making mistakes but when a mistake is made evaluate what caused it and don’t do that again.
  • Take time to make someone’s day better and have fun
  • For the Leadership Council
    • Have shown initiative to help others in their business to succeed.
    • Have self-awareness and emotional intelligence
    • Have the ability to be authentic and walk in integrity.
    • Praise your teammates when they are heading down the right path


If you would like to be a part of our group and you meet the guidelines then feel free to contact us.


International League Of Awesomeness: Helping People Get Out Of The Matrix

We help people like you get out of the matrix. 95% of the people in the world are living life on autopilot. Most people lives are routine where they are doing similar things over and over. It is in this routine life that they find themselves merely surviving instead of living life.

The International League Of Awesome is here to help people to acknowledge a new way of life and to acknowledge the many possibilities that is available to them.

If you think International League Of Awesomeness is the place for you, simply send us your information at: Click Here or Contact Us Page


Feel convinced? If so, please get in touch


2 comments on “About Us
  1. Casey Michelle Hardiman says:

    I want in. You want me in, too. Let’s make it happen, fellas. Every extraordinary man can benefit from the support of a badass female who is easy on the eyes, yeah? Look forward to hearing from you! 😉

  2. Charlotte Lewis says:

    Interested. Please send information.

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