Da Spokesman And The Awesomeness League

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Da Spokesman and The Awesomeness League is a four phase storyline starting from Minor League to Galactic League. The other two are called Major League and International League.

There are three mediums in which the cast will be introduced to the world which are: Comic Books, Video Games, and Cartoons

Be sure to stay up to date on the adventures of Da Spokesman and the Awesomeness League

Health And Wellness (H&W) Allstars

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The Purpose of this team is to help build people awareness of the health laws, natural ways of healing, exercising, and more.

Our motto is to join us as we increase our health and our wealth while looking good at the same time.

Wealthy Techies

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The Purpose of this team is to help one who strengths are in the area of technology. We explore different ways to utilize and maximize our strengths to be more profitable.

Our motto is to join us as we achieve our dreams using technology.